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Small Spaces Landscape Design

Whether you have a small backyard, apartment terrace or side yard, no space is too small for a landscape or hardscape transformation. Do you want to upgrade your small outdoor space but don’t know where to start?

Here are a few design elements that can upgrade your small space:

1. Outdoor Kitchen and Furniture

If comfort & usability is your goal, consider adding outdoor furniture and a barbecue. If you’re looking to create a space that extends your hosting capabilities with additional seating, keeping that as your main objective will help you maximize your space. Consider adding a gas line for a custom – built outdoor k itchen or fire pit, as well as bistro lights (also known as string lights) to give your space a leg up.

Outdoor Kitchen

2. Water Features

Adding a water feature will not only add a touch of serenity to your space, it will also make it appear larger and fuller. A cascading wall fountain, for example, takes up a minimal amount of space but adds depth and a relaxing soundscape to your home. From a traditional fountain to a bird bath, water features add life and vibrancy to an outdoor space and can lend themselves to any design type. No room for a large pool? No problem! Add an inground spa instead to add an extra layer of tranquility to your space.


3. Artificial Turf

Do you have small children or pets and are looking to create a place for them to play? Adding artificial turf may be the answer. Artificial Turf has minimal upkeep and can provide a comfortable place for a child or pet to relax outdoors. Artificial Turf can come in a variety of specifications and can be created firm enough to put furniture on with enough bounce for children to play on. 


4. Vegetable Gardens

If you have a green thumb or are inspired to grow your own produce, a vegetable garden can bring some life to your space. Adding planter boxes with a variety of vegetables will spruce up your yard and add a pop of color.

If you have a sloped backyard, a retaining garden wall is also a great option. Looking for something more serene and modern? Create your very own Zen Garden to add peace and tranquility to your home. The possibilities are endless with garden options, but whatever you choose, be sure to couple the design with a stone or paver walkway. A stone walkway will not only round out your space, it also serves a very important function.

Vegetable Garden
Retaining Garden Wall
Zen Garden

5. Side Yard

Side yards don’t need to be a messy catch-all for your backyard. A side yard entryway can set the tone for your outdoor area. If done correctly, a side yard can help you leave your troubles at the door and transport you into your own safe haven. When designing a side yard, you have to be sure to choose materials that not only look great but also serve in the function of safely and easily transitioning from the front to the backyard.

Some popular materials used to create an inviting side yard include a wooden or cast iron door, a flagstone walkway, pathway lights and landscape shrubbery.

Sideyard walkway and a fence in the background.
Table and chairs in front of a small building.
Sideyard walkway and the backyard in the background.


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