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Welcome to Pacific Outdoor Living’s unique 5 step process, ensuring your project is Designed Right, Built Right, On-time, and On Budget Guaranteed.

Site Analysis

Through over 25 years in business, the most important improvement to our system and how we can best service our customers was the addition of a Site Analysis as the first step. This is the most important part of the process and is the cornerstone for Designing Right and Building Right.

This will be scheduled before you meet with a designer and you will not need to be home – just make sure there’s access to the property and no pets are impacted. 

Our expert comes to your property and measures every detail, determining elevations, utility locations, drainage, windows, doors and all other existing features. This takes at least an hour or two and can even take two days depending on the size of your property. Upon returning to the office, our expert will complete a CAD map of your property that can be used for your current or future landscaping projects. 

This prevents projects running into unexpected issues and obstacles resulting in going over budget and delays. This initial investment is the foundation guaranteeing your project will be Designed Right, Built Right, On-time, and On Budget.

Initial Consultation

With the Site Analysis in-hand, you are ready to meet with one of our expert Designers in our office. This is where your vision becomes reality with the Designer guiding your creative expression based on your budget. 

Our designers are committed to caring for you, the customer, making sure you, not only get what you want, but also making sure it is within your budget and can be delivered in the time frame promised.

With the hand drawing overlaid on the Site Analysis, you can see your vision come together and have the ability to adjust based on expected costs. As your Designer designs it right, you will feel certain it will be on budget giving you confidence hiring us will make your dream a stress-free reality.

Conceptual Design

This meeting brings your project into focus. When you arrive, you will see the hand sketches transformed into the color CAD representation of what your project will look like. This is where you review the design, select materials and discuss any revisions there may be. You will have the chance to expand your plans or make other adjustments to bring it into alignment with what is ideal for your family. 

The Designer will continue to adjust for costs, keeping the project on budget and determine the time frame for construction. If needed, this might include more than one conceptual meeting to ensure you are getting the design you love creating a 5 star experience.

Final Design

Be prepared for the unveiling of your vision being transformed into reality when you see the lifelike 3D renderings of your project. This will be the final meeting to review the project and make any needed changes. 

You will start to see yourself enjoying your perfect outdoor space. You will get the final official estimate and timeline so you can confidently move forward with construction. Be prepared for your project to be on-time and on budget – again, guaranteed.


Now the fun begins! With your completed working drawings, your Designer will meet with your Job Coordinator at your property and review everything that has been decided and review the plan. Your Job Coordinator will take over from here and be your point of contact throughout the construction. The Job Coordinator will work with the crew and continue to be the one to guide the project to continue to align with your vision.

Your continued input will be appreciated and wanted to bring your vision to reality.

You will be surprised at the speed and efficiency of our friendly crews. Before you know it, your project will be complete – On-time and on budget. 

These 5 Steps are our unique, proven process giving you a project Designed Right, Built Right, On-time and On Budget Guaranteed.


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Tania B.
Los Angeles, CA
“We wanted a backyard Oasis, and we got that and more. Terrific team, very responsive. They are arguably not the cheapest but they are easily the best. Spending a little more was worth it in this case.’
Chatsworth, CA

“These guys are professionals– really. They were amazingly clean, precise and accurate. The crew showed up on time and got down to business. My neighbors were amazed and have stopped by to ask for their contact information. It is obvious they take a great deal of pride in what they do. I will use this company again for sure. Looking forward to working with them again.’

Melanie S.
Los Angeles, CA
I’ve been thinking about a patio for years. The backyard is long and narrow so getting the design right was a challenge. Craig helped me come up with a great design and was very good at listening. Onecimo and Jorge were very professional leading the project. They were neat, worked quickly and finished on time. At the the end of the project they walked me through the care and maintenance…

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