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Before becoming Pacific Outdoor Living, we started as Pacific Pavingstone, and only doing one trade: paving stone driveways and patios. Over the years, we were asked to do more and more things—from fireplaces to swimming pools.

In 2010, we took the plunge and made every mistake in the book trying to become a full landscape design-build company. We have learned that in order to be completely successful at anything, you need to have within it people who are truly professionals at what they do. A professional is one that knows everything about his subject, is consistently learning how to get better, and is so good that he has judgment on what and how to do things because he understands the basic principles behind them.

There is no trade school where one can get the information to be a pro, so we had to assemble the materials and put them together in a course format for the crews, the designers, the site analyzers, the estimators and the supervisors.

Terry Morrill and sons
Pacific Outdoor Living founders Terry Morrill and his sons, Trent and Chad

To answer the question “about us” or who we are, we are a company intent on creating professional products in each aspect of the landscape design process, from measuring your property, into the design and through to final construction.

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Stephanice C.
Santa Monica, CA

My coworker had recommended Pacific Outdoor Living to me because of their superior customer service and quality. Since I have a busy schedule, having a company that does what they say they will do and when they will do it is incredibly important to me. POL lived up to their reputation and was incredibly accommodating to my schedule and when I could meet, and explained… “

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David G.
Burbank, CA

We first used POL back in 2006 when we had them put in a paver stone driveway, path and porch. They did a great job then, so we had them come back and add more pavers on either side of the house and a little in the back. We wanted to use them for some re-landscaping a few years later but couldn’t afford what we really wanted so we settled for something less… “

IG testimonial
Ida G.
Los Angeles, CA

The team at Pacific Outdoor Living are not only experienced professionals, they are gifted artists! For years, since they beautifully paved nearly 5,000 square feet for our property, curious – and dazzled – onlookers who pass through our street stop in front of our home, gaping at the exquisite handiwork of this stellar company! The aesthetic effect is stunning: the rich color blends of… “

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