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Do you have a slope or hillside on your property that you just aren’t sure what to do with? You can still build that dream patio if your backyard is sloped. A paver walkway installed in your steep front yard is a daunting task to some contractors, but not to us.

Because of the frequent challenges hills and slopes present to Southern California homeowners, steps (or stairs) are often used to comfortably transition between walkways and patios.

The patio and walkway steps themselves can come in many colors and shapes. A qualified landscape contractor will recommend a variety of materials suitable for steps:

  • Bull-Nosed Pavers: These pavers have a rounded edge that faces out towards the end of the step. They are also commonly used for edges of pool decking, since they have smooth edges.
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Steps: These concrete steps come in various lengths that can be adapted to fit your design.
  • Large Pavers: Some pavers come in larger sizes that are suitable for stair treads, however, it is recommended to vary your paver material or color for your steps from that of the rest of your patio, to help your eye more easily see the change in elevation, minimizing the risk of trips or falls.
  • Retaining Wall Cap Stones: These capstones are thin enough to be used as treads for a step and have a textured front face, unlike most pavers, since they are designed for use on the tops of walls.
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Adding built-in seating walls is a great addition to any fire feature or patio. Creating custom built-in seating elevates a simple fire pit to an extravagant meeting place for your family and guests. Seating walls can be fabricated out of any material you choose and are often built to match a paving stone patio, fire feature, or pool and spa. 

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Retaining walls are a very popular design tool in Southern California. If your property is built on a hill, like so many homes in Los Angeles are, retaining walls can help! Although they have structural importance and can be technical to install, retaining walls can also be used as a point of interest in your home. Typically created from concrete paving stones, retaining walls can house planter beds, segment a water feature, or provide additional outdoor seating. Like built-in seating walls, retaining walls are also fully customizable and can be made to blend in or stand out, depending on the homeowner’s preferences. Although they may seem straightforward, retaining walls have a very intricate draining system that can go horribly wrong if attempted by an inadequate contractor. Be sure to pick a landscape and hardscape company that has a proven track record in your area!

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