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Privacy hedges


Being in such close quarters with our neighbors, privacy hedges are a crucial part of landscape design in Southern California.

Many people seek to add a touch of seclusion to their home but do not know where to start.

The three aspects to consider when choosing a privacy hedge are: Height, Use and Design.

Height: Consider what size hedge you want. Do you want a shrub height that is 3-5 feet tall or something larger and more expansive? The species of plant you choose depends on how large you want it to grow.

Use: The use of your privacy hedge is also an important factor to consider. Depending on whether you’re looking for something decorative or more functional, your plant choice will be greatly impacted.

Design: The final aspect to consider is what style your home is and what design you are going for. For instance, a privacy hedge made of bamboo will have a much different effect than a more traditional shrub or tree. Take into consideration your home’s design aesthetic and the feel you’re going for when selecting what hedge is right for you.

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