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Outdoor Lighting


Backyard lighting not only adds beauty to your landscaping, patio and walkways, but also increases outdoor safety and visibility at night. There are many advantages to choosing LED bulbs for your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor LED lighting can save you time and money, ensuring you don’t have to constantly replace your bulbs and incur high electricity costs.

Take a look at some of the benefits of using LED Lighting:

LED bulbs have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours. That’s over 11 years of continuous operation. Plus, LEDs don’t unexpectedly stop working like filament bulbs, but rather die down slowly, become less and less bright over time.

LED lights have an energy efficiency of 80%-90%; compare this to traditional incandescent bulbs which operate at only 20%. This means that with an incandescent bulb, only 20% of the electrical energy is being converted to light, while the rest converts to other forms of energy, like heat. So if you pay a $100 electricity bill to light your home, $80 of that went to heat the house, and only $20 to light it. With LED bulbs, you’d only pay $20 to light your home.

LED lights contain no harmful chemicals and are 100% recyclable. Switching to LED bulbs can reduce your carbon footprint by up to one third. An LED bulb can save the material and production of 25 incandescent bulbs, making a big difference.

LED lights can withstand impact and are shock-resistant. They make great outdoor lighting systems because they’re suitable for rough weather conditions, such as wind and rain. LED lights are ideal for extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

LEDs can be produced in many shapes. They can be dimmed to control light and you can even adjust the color and distribution. Your LED lighting system can be set up to produce unique effects that match the mood and setting of your surroundings.

LED lights brighten up immediately, unlike fluorescent bulbs which can take a few seconds to reach their maximum luminosity. Led lights can be switched on and off without affecting the bulb’s lifetime or emission.

LED lights only require a small amount of power to operate, so a low-voltage power supply is sufficient. They can even run on a small solar-energy source, making them great for the outdoors.

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