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After over 15 years in business in the Los Angeles and Calabasas, CA, area, we have heard many landscape design horror stories. That's why we vow to provide our clients with a top-tier, professional landscaping architect, free estimates, great service, and a phenomenal job that will make you fall in love with your outdoor space all over again. Our outstanding customer service will leave you feeling confident throughout the entire process. We want you to be delighted with the results. If this is your first time working with landscape designers or architects in Calabasas, CA, don't worry — We have deep knowledge surrounding landscaping work and will guide you every step.

Why Hire a Professional Landscape Designer

Calabasas Small pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Calabasas, CA is unique — Your yard should be too! When creating the perfect oasis for your home, no one will do it better than a landscape designer. Not only are they familiar with the landscaping needs that go with a Hills, CA property, but the right landscape architect will be able to match your landscaping and landscape design to the essence of your home. From the plants to the lighting, lawn, maintenance, and outdoor features, each detail matters, and a landscape architect will be the one to walk you through how each piece of the landscape puzzle will elevate your home.
Here's where to start with finding the right landscape architect for the job:

Build a Clear Understanding

Understanding is a two-way street. Make sure your landscape designer knows exactly what you want out of your front and back yards, including the dreams you have for your Calabasas, CA, life! A great company and landscape architect will ensure you understand what to expect throughout the job. Every landscaping project varies widely, so make sure your architectural designs tick all your boxes. The right landscape architect will take an average job and turn it into a fantastic job. Plus, they will know how to design a beautiful yard that complements your Los Angeles home and even create value add for your property. Another important area to understand is the cost of your project. Let the company know what kind of budget you're working with so that the landscape architects can build a project that works not only for your yard but for your bank account too.

Calabasas pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

What to Look For in a Top Landscaper, Calabasas CA

Plenty of landscaping companies, landscape designers, and professional landscaping contractors throughout the Los Angeles area. Knowing what to look for and who to trust with your front yard and backyard landscaping work can be challenging! However, because it's such a big job (and the first impression visitors get of your home!), it's worth researching materials, landscape architects, companies in the area, types of jobs that are possible, and what jobs typically cost.

Here are a few things to look for (that we offer some of the best Calabasas landscapers!).


Fast Response

Even the busiest Calabasas landscape designers or landscape architects will have time to respond to new landscape clients. If the landscape architects need to respond to your questions or get back to you about a job, look for different companies in Calabasas, CA, that will offer a more professional experience, even before the work begins.


Landscape design and landscaping services involve more than just slapping artificial turf and calling it a day. In order to completely transform an outdoor space, you'll need professional landscape contractors that are super knowledgeable — especially about the Los Angeles landscape, lifestyle, plants, and aesthetics.

Landscape design has so many moving parts. From hardscape jobs like putting in a retaining wall, water features, lighting, and walkways between the front yard and back yard that elevate your outdoor space to landscaping details like living plants, the lawn, and yard maintenance — you need a professional landscape architect with experience across the board to guide you through your next project.

Whether you need deep irrigation, drip irrigation, retaining walls, a complicated new sprinkler system, tree trimming, or water features, find a professional, great team (like us!) familiar with the Calabasas, CA, area that can do an amazing job thanks to their years of professional experience providing landscaping services.

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Good Standing

Word travels fast in Calabasas, CA! Ensure the landscape architect or contractors you hire are in good standing with past residential and commercial clients. Check on items like yard maintenance years down the line, how their selected plants are holding up, whether or not their free estimates were accurate for other clients in Calabasas, CA, how professional their services were, and if the landscape design checked all their past client's lifestyle and aesthetics boxes.

We also have solutions for small spaces. Reach out to us to discover more about our reliable landscape design services.

Calabasas a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Why Choose Pacific Outdoor Living

We have over 15 years in business and have serviced 15,000+ homes in the Calabasas, CA area. Landscaping design is our specialty, whether you need to elevate your front yard or want to build the back yard of your dreams. No job is too big or too small for our landscape designers. From selecting living plants and drought tolerant plants to designing a low-maintenance lawn, perfecting your patio lighting, and giving you the breathtaking yard you've always dreamed of, a landscape project started is a project we're confident our clients will love when it's completed. We are known for being incredibly responsive and professional and for having the best landscape designers in the Hills, CA, area on our team.

Where We Work

We provide landscaping services in popular locations around Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Sherman Oaks, Oak Park, West Hills, The Hills, CA, and Calabasas, CA. Out landscape designers are familiar with the unique landscaping needs of each area and can provide recommendations on plants, lighting, lawn and yard maintenance, and any other landscape projects you may need guidance on. When it comes to landscaping companies that service the Calabasas, CA, area, you will only find someone with more professional knowledge and experience in landscaping than us.

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