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When you see a picture perfect outdoor space, it’s hard to visualize that each home comes from humble beginnings. It takes work to transform a space into something that’s functional and beautiful. It takes a collaborative effort between the homeowner and the designer to get there. Many times, this is no easy task.

mediterranean manor garden design
After 1

Initially, the homeowners were hoping for an outdoor room for relaxing, a larger pool and a more grand entrance to their home. What they ended up with far surpassed their initial requests.

Designing a project can sometimes be a balancing act between bringing to reality the customer’s ideas and designing a project that is under budget and will work best for the space and homeowners. This can be difficult, but luckily the homeowners were more than ideal customers – being more than open to suggestions as well as bringing numerous ideas to the table. The end result is a great example of what can be accomplished when a designer and homeowner work together. Our designer and the homeowners became an unstoppable team that transformed the home into an unrecognizable outdoor haven.

The Plan


3-D Renderings

Rendered 1
Rendered 1
Rendered 3
Rendered 4

The Construction

With the design and 3-D renderings complete, it was time to start construction. This massive project took 6 months to finish and was completed in three phases; beginning with the front yard, then the pool and finally the driveway.

During 1
med manor landscaping outdoor

The Finished Project

Today, the residence is equipped with an inviting outdoor patio with a fire place and ample outdoor seating, an expansive outdoor kitchen, a large pool with a custom water slide and fire bowls, a fire pit and lush Mediterranean landscaping. And that’s just the backyard! The front yard is also home to a serene water fountain and a paving stone courtyard.

mediterranean manor outdoor kitchen
After 3
After 4
After 5

Pacific Outdoor Living is proud to have worked on such an expansive project. When you work with us, you not only get our years of expertise; you also receive a team that will fight for you and your project to ensure it surpasses your expectations.

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