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Top Rated Landscape Designers in Orange County

Pacific Outdoor Living has been serving homeowners of Southern California for over 20 years by creating stunning landscape designs that are unlike any other.

Our dedication and commitment to our work have made us the top rated landscape designers in Southern California. Our in depth design process pays special attention to detail to ensure stunning backyard transformations.

We have recently expanded our business to Orange County as well and aim to provide the same quality to all customers.

Small pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.
Rectangular pool behind a patio table, chairs, and umbrella.
Large organic formed SLO-group-1a.webp stone.

What Landscape Design Means to Pacific Outdoor Living

For Pacific Outdoor Living, landscape designing isn’t only about adding a bunch of features to a backyard area and being done with it. What we provide is a complete transformation of your outdoor area with a well-thought-out design, quality craftsmanship and in-house crews. The best part is we can create a picture-perfect space for you without compromising on the aesthetics or exceeding your budget. Our team is filled with experienced award -winning designers specializing in hardscapes, landscapes, pools and more. Breathe life into your Orange County home today; book a consultation now.

The Most Trusted and Experienced Landscape Desig ners in Orange County, California

Pacific Outdoor Living started serving homeowners in Los Angeles and expanded our services to Orange County, where we earned the trust of thousands of homeowners, making us the most trusted landscape designers in Southern California. We don’t believe in sticking to only one style. Our goal is always to recreate a space that aligns with our client’s vision. Our wide range of services includes traditional, modern, English garden, Mediterranean, Japanese Z en, drought - tolerant, and landscape designing for small spaces. Get in touch today to learn more about our services

Large organic formed SLO-group-1a.webp stone.
Rectangular pool behind a patio table, chairs, and umbrella.
Small pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Pacific Outdoor Living Has 20 Years of Experience in Outdoor Transformations

Initially, Pacific Outdoor Living started work with patio and hardscape designing and slowly expanded the business to become a complete landscape design company. We saw a need for trusted, licensed contractors in the outdoor construction field and aimed to fill that roll. Our designers and crew are dedicated to their work and have built many pools, patios, front and backyard gardens, driveways, and so much more over the course of 20 years. We have transformed outdoor spaces for all homeowners, making us the most trusted landscape designers in Orange County, CA.

How We Deal with Drought-Affected Areas

Pacific Outdoor Living understands the needs of Orange County homeowners and knows how to work in drought - affected areas. With thorough planning and careful selection of plants and materials, we can ensure create a drought - tolerant land scape for your Orange County home. Our landscape designers have more than two decades of experience in creating breathtaking drought tolerant gardens that are low maintenance and cost effective. Call us today to speak with one of our drought tolerant landscape designers and get your questions answered.

Learn more about Orange County’s drought tolerance program by giving us a call!

Small pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

OC Water Features, Hardscapes, and More

We don’t believe in restricting our cli ents by offering limited solutions. Our outdoor services go beyond water features and hardscapes. Our team specializes in OC masonry, outdoor fireplaces, pools, driveways, patios, and more. Take the first step at building your dream outdoor space by choosi ng Pacific Outdoor Living as your local landscape designer.

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Whether you want to opt for a complete garden transformation for your Orange Country residence or simply need your questions answered, Pacific Outdoor Living has go t you covered. Call now to speak with our Orange County landscape team.

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