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Award - Winning Los Angeles Landscape Design Team

Over 20 years ago, we started helping homeowners transform their yards into their dream outdoor living space. We continue with the same mission and are happy to reach more Southern Californians.

W ith more than 15,000 jobs completed, our team of trusted and industry - recognized landscape designers aim to turn more properties into personal relaxation spaces.

We work with you every step of the way - from planning, analyzing, designing, building, and checking the tiniest details in your yard. You can expect the highest level of care and expertise for our landscape design services in Los Angeles.

Why Does Landscape Design Matter?

Landscape design is beneficial not onl y in boosting the value of a property but also in enhancing the quality of life. It allows you to personalize your outdoor living space and turn it into your recreational spot.

S pending time outdoors, being near water, and being surrounded by greenery ca n lift your mood in an instant. Bringing nature will make your home a perfect place for relaxing

But there’s a lot that goes into this project. A careful evaluation of your lot is necessary to identify which installations are ideal. A landscaping projec t should enhance and preserve what your property already has

How to Make a Perfect Landscape Design

Landscape design involves arranging different elements to achieve your desired outdoor living space. These elements include hardscapes (e.g. fireplace and pavers) and softscapes (e.g. water features and plants).

At Pacific Outdoor Living, our profession al landscape designers guide you from the initial consultation to implementation and maintenance. We also assist you in securing necessary permits for building and construction.

A great landscape design takes balance and harmony into account.
  • Balance distributes components across the landscape equally. It could be symmetrical where features on both sides mirror each other or asymmetrical, which use s different elements, but overall bears the same weight. One side of your yard can feature a large promin ent installation, while the other side can show smaller, but equally beautiful installations.
  • Harmony or unity ensures your landscape design is cohes ive or well - put together. Even if you’re including contrasting colors or textures, harmony will make them look perfect together. Elements complement each other to create a visually - satisfying experience.
Regardless of the size of your yard, you can make it look and feel more alive. Our team at Pacific Outdoor Living can customize your outdoor space to fit your unique style as a Los Angeles homeowner.

Small pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.
Rectangular pool behind a patio table, chairs, and umbrella.
Large organic formed SLO-group-1a.webp stone.

Exploring the Basic Landscape Design Elements

Your landscape is crafted to meet y our unique lifestyle and preferences. These are some of the guidelines we keep in mind as we recommend a design for your yard.
  • Lines. Lines add intrigue and impact how users experience your garden. They dictate the flow of movement and direction in your outdoor spaces. Picture pathways and hedges. Lines can be straight and appear forceful or they can also be curved, giving off a gentle feel. Both hardscapes and softscapes can use straight or curved lines. If you want users to take their time exploring a path, curved lines are more suitable. And if you want to immediately direct them to a specific spot, stra ight lines are better suited for the job
  • Colors. Colors draw attention to your yard. But they should be carefully planned so they don’t clash or be come overbearing. Warm colors, such as reds and oranges, are bright so they must be arranged with care. You can use them to draw emphasis on a landscape fea ture. But to ease transitions, it helps to place lighter shades at the front. Cool colors, such as b lues, make for a relaxing view. They’re also beneficial in making a place look bigger than it is, so they work great for small yards.
  • Texture. Texture speaks of the look and feel of surfaces. Surfaces could be soft, smooth, rough, and heavy. Adding diffe rent textures to your yard will create a sense of balance and interest. You can complement soft leaves and flowers with textured plants. Or inst all hardscapes next to a water feature
  • Form. Form refers to the overall height and shape of your yard. Your outdoor living space could take a free form or it could be definite - round, triangular, or spreading. Start with your personality in deciding w hich form you would like your landscape to take. Even if you want it formal or relaxed, the result will give off a specific mood. That mood should resonate with you.
  • Size. The size or scale of your yard should complement the size of your property or home. Whether you prefer elements to be closer to or farther from each other, the overall look should be cohesive. Sm ooth flow and transition between elements make for a great landscape design

Large organic formed SLO-group-1a.webp stone.
Rectangular pool behind a patio table, chairs, and umbrella.
Small pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Professional Landscape Design Services in Los Angeles, California

Pacific Outdoor Living started as a hardscape designer and builder. As we received more opportunities from h omeowners, we’ve also seen the need for a full - service landscape design company.

We’ve then extended to offer more landscaping services, with the help of our talented team. When you contact us for a landscaping project, it doesn’t matter how small or lar ge it is. You can expect the same level of care and expertise that our loyal customers have known us for.

We’re grateful for the 20 years we’r e able to transform landscapes in Southern California, and we’re looking forward to helping more homeowners in L os Angeles achieve their dream landscape.

Customer - Focused Landscape Designer With Over 20 Years of Experience

Being a top - rated landscape de sign firm is a huge honor for our team at Pacific Outdoor Living. Our clients' trust brought us to where we are today and we keep striving to improve our services.

With over 10,000 homeowners we’ve worked with, we can’t wait to meet and partner with more of our neighbors here in Southern California.

A great landscape design requires expert skills, but it also ne eds collaborative planning with homeowners. Whatever landscape design theme you’re looking at, we take a look at those possibilities together an d identify the right option for your property.

Small pool overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Making Small Yards Deliver a Huge Impact with Thoughtful Landscape Design

It’s a myth that only huge landscapes can benefit from professional landscaping design

We’re happy to accommodate any yard size and shape, and turn it into your next fav orite rec reational spot at home

The only limit is your imagination. From water features, succulent gardens, outdoor kitchens, or swimming pools, we can help make your dream outdoor living space a reality.

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