There are so many things to love about fall — Pumpkin patches, brisk air, and, of course, the leaves as they change brilliant colors and transform the trees. You have the most beautiful yard and outdoor space for a brief window. That is until the leaves all fall off! While you may not love the result of fall in your yard, there are many reasons why fall is an excellent time to start planning your landscape design for the following spring.

Here Are 6 Crucial Tips for Fall Planting 

1. Winter is a Great Time to Get Back to Your Roots!

Whether you have newly planted landscaping or more mature plants, establishing a healthy root system is crucial. Fall is a pivotal point for a plant’s growth. Most shrubs and trees go dormant in the winter, but the root system never stops growing. In fact, because the plant slows down, the root system gets all the rerouted energy and grows faster than other times of year.

2. Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize!

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your landscaping. Fertilizing helps give your plants the boost they need to make it through winter so it’s a good time to fertilize before the cold of winter. We recommend to fertilize by the first few weeks of November at the latest as fertilizer is usually not very effective once the temperature drops. Fertilizing will also help your lawn stay a little greener and help roots establish even more so. 


3. Keep Hydrated

Although Southern California is not the rainiest of places, we see an average of 12 inches of rain throughout the winter months. Another great way to take advantage of the rainy season is to add new landscaping to your yard ahead of time. By planting in the fall, you take advantage of the weather to care for your plants. This is especially helpful if your watering work ethic isn’t the highest. Watering your plants, especially if you do not have an irrigation system, can be a frustrating experience that requires a lot of time and upkeep! Planting in the fall can help alleviate that, if only for a few months. Not to mention, you’ll save on water costs! For the rest, you can hire landscape companies to keep up with your plants and landscape services in the dry months.

4. Plan Your Plants

Your green scene doesn’t have to die as the leaves do. Thanks to the Southern California climate, many hearty plants and vegetables thrive in the fall. While the fall effect — shorter days and cooler evenings causing plant growth to slow — is real, the right landscaper will have suggested plants that will thrive in that climate and have started them off early enough so that they can root and continue to produce well into the fall. Many plants, such as kale, beets, carrots, radishes, and cauliflower, can create an excellent fall garden. If you’re worried about missing the colors of a flourishing summer garden, flowers like hollyhocks and poppies can add that pop to your fall gardens. Consider selecting hearty plants and arranging them in your yard for your fall landscaping project.


5. Reset First

Don’t forget to weed and remove your summer garden before planting and prepping your fall garden. Even if you don’t want new plants to care for in the fall, you should be boosting your soil with fertilizer and can compost your summer garden so that come spring, your yard, and outdoor spaces will thrive. If you haven’t yet this year, don’t forget the tree trimming! Especially when winter arrives, and potential snow gets heavy in the branches, trees will need maintenance so branches don’t break and cause damage to your yard (or maybe even your house!).

6. Consider Hiring a Professional

Prepping your garden for the fall and winter can take a lot of thought and time. If you want to ensure your garden grows wonderfully come spring, consider hiring a landscape designer or bringing in a team to do landscaping services when preparing for the cold seasons. A landscaping contractor will be able to answer any of your questions, offer suggestions for how to elevate your outdoor space for the fall and remove the stress of having to do it all yourself. They may even know of different landscape styles you’ve never heard of but that could be perfect for your backyard.


Find Top Landscapers, Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Outdoor Living has been in the landscaping business for years. Our talented designers are familiar with the Los Angeles area and nearby locations like the North Hills, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Culver City, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, Sherman Oaks, Redondo Beach, Van Nuys, Canoga Park, Sun Valley, West Hills, Sunset Blvd, and other popular locations.

Start With Pacific Outdoor Living

Pacific Outdoor Living has a team of talented designers and plant specialists to help you get the most out of your yard this fall. Besides planting & fertilizing, there’s quite a few other things that we can help you with to make this winter count for your home! We can install and repair your outdoor lighting, mulch the garden beds, do an irrigation system check and adjust sprinkler timer programming. Reach out to us with any of your fall planting questions.

Our talented landscape designers and plant specialists will help you get the most out of your yard this fall. Besides planting & fertilizing, there are quite a few other landscape projects we can handle to make this winter count for your home! When it comes to fall garden maintenance, we can install and repair your outdoor lighting, mulch the garden beds, do an irrigation system check, take care of your tree trimming, and adjust sprinkler timer programming. We’re the best in the business if you’re looking for a professional job with a difference to make the most out of fall, like adding outdoor accessories to your front yard or back yard.


Elevate Your Front Yard and Back Yard for Fall

Our team can create the ultimate landscape design project that compliments your house, including swimming pools, water features, outdoor kitchens, artificial turf, and more. The right landscaping architect will create a seamless design to elevate your yard and do an excellent job prepping your yard and house for fall, making your outdoor living space even more liveable as the days grow shorter and colder.

Reach out to us with any of your fall planting questions and to work with excellent landscaping contractors.

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