A Mediterranean landscape will transport you to a lush and vibrant place every time you step outside your door! Read on to learn the 10 defining elements essential to any Mediterranean landscape.

Mediterranean landscape design goes back a long way, and over the years has picked up influences from many locations and cultures. It originated in Arabia but incorporates elements from ancient Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. It’s a style that evokes the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea, with its clear waters, vegetation, and hot, dry climate.

As Southern California has the same climate conditions, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are looking to incorporate Mediterranean landscape design and elements into their homes. So, whether you want a Spanish-inspired front yard, traditional whitewashed walls reminiscent of villas in Greece, or your version of a rustic Tuscan patio, you can make your perfect Mediterranean landscape happen!

Let’s look at some of the elements that go into a Mediterranean design.

Elements of Mediterranean Landscapes

A Mediterranean-inspired landscape makes for an exciting project as it allows you to play with various design options. It’s important, though, to tie the overall look together for the final result to be truly Mediterranean.


1.Tiled roof

Tile is a popular feature found in Mediterranean homes. They are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and temperature regulating. Look into using clay tiles to give your home a Tuscan appeal.


2. Plastered walls.

A plastered wall is another element that defines a Mediterranean landscape. Cover it in bright paint colors such as red or grow climbing vines as accents.

3. Stonework.

A Mediterranean home wouldn’t be complete without stonework – from constructing retaining walls and steps to building water features and laying outdoor flooring stones are a defining feature of Mediterranean landscapes.


4. Drought-tolerant plants.

One common impression about drought-tolerant plants is that they’re unwelcoming. But truth is, there are several unthirsty plants that not only add color to the surroundings but make your home more environmentally-friendly as well.


5. Tilework.

Vibrant colors and designs are common among Mediterranean homes and this is well reflected in their tile choices. Tiles can be used to decorate both walls and floors, giving you many design options to choose from. This means that you can be as creative as you want and work with your designer to create a look that’s interesting and unique to you!


6. Rustic wood.

The weathered look of a Mediterranean landscape only adds to its beauty. With that said, consider using rustic wood for your pergolas, gates, fences, or furniture.


7. Water features.

Mediterranean landscapes convey elegance. This is quite evident in their water feature designs which include urns, pools, ponds, and fountains. These can be as big or as small as you want and give you a good opportunity to add accent features and bright colors as well. Water features also balance the use of hardscapes in your yard and are well emphasized in Mediterranean homes.

8. Color.

Earth tones are prevalent in Mediterranean color schemes, and you’ll see a lot of browns, grays, golds in their design. It also borrows from the sea and the countryside, so deep blues and greens are present as well.


9. Furniture.

Mediterranean furniture is normally made up of large, rustic pieces, utilizing old timber and accentuating flaws and imperfections in the wood. The tables and chairs commonly have large legs and are very sturdy. The wood can be carved in elaborate designs. The furniture should highlight the landscape and have a natural feel to it.


10. Accents and Accessories.

Water basins, flower pots, and lanterns can all be used to decorate the area and make the space your own. Use materials that have a natural and aged feel, such as wood, wrought iron, clay, and wicker. You can also bring in textiles to add color and pattern. Rugs and tapestries can really enhance the area, and even smaller items like pillows and drapes can go a long way. Terracotta pots and tiles of varying sizes effortlessly cast an old-world charm to any outdoor space. For a simple and low-maintenance outdoor flooring meanwhile, you can use gravel and decomposed granite.

Create Your Very Own Mediterranean Landscape

Now you know the exact elements to create your very own Mediterranean landscape!

If you want help bringing Mediterranean beauty to your own landscape within your budget, speak with one of our landscape designers.

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