As we live in a society bent towards instant gratification, it can be particularly challenging to wait for things beyond our control. We get our food fast, our notifications instantly, and packages miraculously delivered on our doorstep the same day. Although we have the luxury that innovation has secured, Mother Nature doesn’t always follow suit.

If you’ve ever planted trees or shrubs in your landscaping, you know that some things take more time than you’d hope. The hot Southern California sun beats down upon your backyard patio and you stare and glare at that tiny, little tree wishing it was 30’ tall like your neighbor’s. You look at all of the big, empty spaces between newly planted shrubs and wish they would grow past their 18” selves, but alas, it just isn’t so. You just have to wait.

Getting a mature landscape around your Los Angeles is proportionately easier based on the mature patience of the homeowner. The more content you are with allowing Mother Nature to take the time she needs, the better off your landscape will look in the long run. However, there are some literal “growth hacks” that may help Mother Nature move slightly quicker.

Landscaping Growth Hack #1: Stop Hitting Your Sister or I’ll Have to Separate the 2 of You


Planting the right number of plants with proper spacing will actually help your landscape to mature faster. Much like a bickering pair in the backseat, plants need their own space or problems are bound to happen.

When a landscape designer creates a plan for your Southern California property, they take this into account. While it may look like there are a lot of empty spaces now, in time you will see there was a reason for the rules of spacing.

One of the great things that Pacific Outdoor Living can do to help you understand this is to offer you a 3-D landscape design. The software we use can actually instantly mature your plants (sorry only in the drawing) to show you how things will look 5-7 years down the road.

Over-planting is big problem. Some landscape companies may be tempted to stuff 5 shrubs in a spot meant for 3 mature ones. In time, this leads to a crowded space that is tough to maintain. If they plant too many trees, they grow into a tangled mass, not allowing them to grow to their classic appearance.

Landscaping Growth Hack #2: How About We Drink Some Water?


Proper watering has a big impact on your plants maturing faster. Young plants lack the mature resources to find water in the soil. Most plants are grown in a container or excavated out of a nursery prior to installation, damaging the tiny, fibrous root systems that grab onto water in the soil.

Don’t leave them unattended in the scorching heat without making sure they are properly hydrated. Excessive heat and even windy conditions will dry out the soil.

Don’t overdo it, but make sure your plants are watered properly in the first year of their life and in times of drought. A good landscaper will give you specific directions on how to water your new plantings.

Landscaping Growth Hack #3: Eat Your Veggies So You Can Grow Big and Strong


Good nutrition is key to getting your plants to be healthy, mature specimens. When your landscape contractor installs your plants on your Southern California property, they may add some amendments to improve the soil at their discretion, if conditions are terrible.

However, in a lot of instances, they may plant your new plants in the native soil and give you some instructions on how to improve the soil over time. Regular fertilizations may be one of the things that you will need to do for improved soil health, so ask your landscaping company about any recommendations they may have.

Landscaping Growth Hack #4: I’m Sorry if You Don’t Want One, but it’s Time for a Haircut


It may seem counterintuitive to trim plants you want to grow, but in some cases it can cause increased and better growth. Shrubs that are lightly sheared or hand-pruned properly will respond by directing new growth. This can help a lot of plants to grow more fully.

Likewise, trees need attention while they are young. Small branches may emerge that will end up rubbing or crossing more important branches, even causing injury to the bark. A knowledgeable landscaper or tree service will be able to trim these trees for a proper mature form.

Landscaping Growth Hack #5: Don’t Worry, You’ll Grow Into It


Even though you may decide to install modestly sized shrubs in your new landscape design, doesn’t mean you necessarily can’t choose a few larger trees. If the budget allows, plant 2-4 substantial trees in your new landscape.

Trees take more time to mature than shrubs, and the plants around your trees will be less noticeably immature in a shorter amount of time. Planting trees that are 3”-4” in diameter or an evergreen 9’-10’ tall could give you a jump start of a few years. Just be sure to give larger plants plenty of attention with water.

Finding Landscape Growth Hackers in Southern California

Here at Pacific Outdoor Living, we’ve installed hundreds of thousands of plants in the Los Angeles area. Some property owners are desperate for that mature shade tree, or need to get their house in tip-top shape to sell in a few years. Regardless of the demands, we can help.

Our in-house landscape designers and installers will plant your trees, shrubs, and flowers properly to give them a good start at life. We aim to be a trusted resource that you go to for the years to come, and we are here for you as your new plantings grow. If you need any tips or guidance, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Pacific Outdoor Living is ready to help you plant trees, shrubs, and more on your Southern California property. Check out some pictures of landscaping projects or contact us today for a free consultation.

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