The Elements of a Good English Garden Landscape Design


Typically, a good English garden landscape design is a garden that’s full of roses, irises, foxgloves and other pretty flowers that thrive in England’s mild, cool climate.

This is true, but what is also true is that the English garden takes a lot of work and planning to make so artfully beautiful. Fortunately, Pacific Outdoor Living can help a homeowner plant their own English garden and nurture it, no matter where they live.

Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of the English garden is the herbaceous border. These plants, often perennials, are planted along the edge of a path. The flowers are chosen not just for their vibrant colors, but for the times that they blossom, the shapes of their flower heads, and the textures and colors of their foliage. There are, after all, many shades of green – from the silvery green of stachys to the glossy green leaves of peonies.

When implementing an English garden landscape design, the gardener also has to know what sort of soil they have. If it’s too acidic or too alkaline, the soil may need to be amended so that the flowers can be at their best. If the soil is dry, an irrigation system might need to be set up to make sure it stays moist.

Soil that has trouble draining might need to have drain pipes installed beneath it. The gardener also has to see how much light the area gets during the day. Some plants need full sun, while others can do well in partial shade or even full shade.

English gardens are also known for their statuary, outhouses, and other architectural elements. An arbor smothered with climbing roses can lead from one part of an English garden to the next, while a straight grass path between two herbaceous boarders can lead to the statue of a goddess, or a Victorian planting shed. Because these structures are often large and heavy, the gardener should consider them permanent. This means that a lot of thought will have to go into where to place them as well.

At the end, all elements of an English garden should complement each other and be refreshing to the senses. If done correctly, an English garden is a spectacular addition to any property.